Thursday; April 9, 2015
Essential Question: How do you improve your search?

Using Cornell Notes, review the Keyword tutorial and record important information. (you can go back later and review yourself)

NEXT: Finding Better keywords: Scanning snippets Practice: the Gold Rush here

In Snippet Sleuth, the goal is to find as many better keywords as possible by scanning snippets. A goal of 50 points demonstrates mastery of the skill. Points are earned for every keyword found in the snippets that improves the query--the effective keywords were determined by actual searching. Points are deducted for every keyword that is included which does not improve the query.

Select any of the three Challenges to test your ability to find better keywords in snippets. A feedback page at the end reports your score as well as the effective words in the query. The activity may be replayed to improve your score. Scores are not saved in this version of the tutorial game.

To find better keywords, read the snippets for the query you select. Watch for words that are related to the information you need to find. If you find synonyms or hyponyms (more specific keywords) these will often improve your query. If you find no better keywords in the snippets, this is a signal that your last query is ineffective--modify it and try it again. You can type better words into the search box and delete less effective words. When you are ready to check the effectiveness of your results, click the continue button next to the search box.

A review from yesterday: Search box strategy The task is to find better keywords DURING your search.
Take notes on.... Stop Words, 1 in 5's important!!!!

To practice...
With a partner, practice using the Internet Search Challenges (make sure to do the Hollywood challenge and the Diamond challenge and one more of your choice)

AND with the partner, practice the keywords, nyms and snippets challenge in the SOCCER games (all three)

End of class quiz

Begin the EVALUATION piece by reading and taking notes on: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (don't forget the online quiz)